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Learning is my Passion, change is my habitat. This blog is about how we can boost personal learning and inspire others to learn.
Learning is human’s most fundamental process and we need to learn much more about it.

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Personal learning
Understanding how the brain learns reveals new ways to develop learning events. On-line learning opens new opportunities for personal development,  removes many of the barriers still existing today and in some cases is more successful than school.

Time to Share - shutterstock_227796130 (Thumbnail 150x93px)Team learning
Active or project learning perfectly supplements personal learning. Sharing is the key to joy and new knowledge development, talent development, and the start to organisational learning.
Sharing = inspiring

Learn Earn ThumbNail 150x112px shutterstock_160242584Organisational learning
The only way for organisations to survive is through learning, the fastest learner, if combined with strategy and deployment capabilities, will become the most successful organisation.
Learning = Earning

Change is a result, not the goal. When the sun shines its time to fix the roof. Forget about “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, remember Kodak, Nokia? Make’m learn and no need to fix anything!
Learning = Change

Blog - shutterstock_114646084 (ThumbNail 150x99px)Blog
My blog will touch all these subjects and more, exploring and discovering new territory for learning to be improved on. I simply want to create some more “noise” on new learning, developments and other learningful/funny/good-to-know things via social media.

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I am not a native speaker, my English will be “somewhat simple” and correction to my grammar or choice of words seems somewhat difficult. In fact, it might make the blog understandble for non-native speakers. Please accept a mix of British/American English.

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